New semester starts and all the people I know are gone. Classes start next Wednesday, I will be taking English 2, Art History 2 and Color and Composition in addition to these I will try to go to sculpture class and drawing class...Hope I do well.. with everything that is coming. Mission "Going away to School" is 10% completed...Check list:
-Fasfa (DONE)
-School Applications(IN PROGRESS)
-Pay for Application Fees
-Scholarship Applications
-Loan Applications
I have 4 months to have all this done. Still have some commissions to do and some bills to pay. Need to DRAW MORE AND PAINT MORE!! STOP BEING LAZY!!

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How smart are you?

Damn Im so smart its not even funny!!!..I'm a genious!!! I'm Billy Quizz Boy!!.....Actually I thought I was dumber....really 45% is not that bad for someone who didn't go to school here ya know.....18 out of 25... baby!!..I mostly guessed..but shhhh at least I'm smarter than JUAN hahahahaha

Vanesa is sooo dumb that Juan had to post this for her (after Chez taught him how to)
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Alright!! Time to update this thing....This past month has been hectic, I went on a trip to Sarasota to check out Ringling. I believe I will be going there next Fall....Which means I have to ponerme las pilas and build a portfolio...see if I can get a scholarship or something.... The work people are doing over there is outstanding. I also visited the Ringling Museum I think I'll spend most of my weekends going over there if I get accepted to the school. The Rubens and Rembrandts were damn awesome....can't think of any other words to describe them. On the way back we passed by The Dali Museum...rather small but with great work. They had some of Velasquez works and other baroque spanish artists exhibited. I need to download some images of Velasquez he is great. I wrote down all the names of all the artists that were good and a security guard at the museum told me to tie my shoe laces...
Other than the trip many things have happened...For the better I might add, amazing things actually. I also got a job and a loan to pay my credit card.
Last night I went to see 28 weeks Later and had dinner at Roadhouse with Nani Chez Juan Emily Waldo and Ric. The movie was OK, I liked the soundtrack...
Today I have to go get a present for my Mom..I forgot Mothers Day was tomorrow...
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Today was fairly a good day, although I got another letter from the bank saying I need to contact them to pay for the money PayPal stole from my account. My mom had to give me the money because I will not have it anytime soon, and I feel bad because I am 23 years old and I am broke and unemployed. Most 23 year-olds have already graduated and work in really nice places, but me, I have my mom still paying for my shit. Jeez even my brother makes more money than I do. I just do not know how I got here, how the hell did I get to owe so much money? Then of course I received another letter, this time from Sunpass, saying that my credit card was declined, this means I can not use it again. I was sort of expecting that because I need to pay all I owe, or at least some of it which is, like I said, a pretty large number. I also need to pay my other credit card and my classes for the summer term, Miami Dade College only gave me $500 for 12 credits ($1,200)  or more...Haaa haaaa...Exciting!! AAhhhhh but  it is all good because I got all my pieces in the show, I won two first places for work submitted in Miambiance magazine, I finished Meza's huge painting, I also finished my paper for English, Angie from the Visual Resource Center might have a job for me and Ric and I participated in the chalk contest at school for Arts and Letters day and we won first place....Almost by default because no one else participated...But ours was the BEEEESSST anyway. So I will just take it eaassyyy because I do not want anymore gray hairs or a bald spot or be stressed and get a weird rash all over my body. I know it's all goooood and it will be better tomorrow hhaaahhhhaaaa :D
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Cannot sleep tonight I do not know what is wrong. When weird stuff happens it blows because I get worried and now I can't sleeeeeep aaaaahhhh..nah it is because I have had 2 cans of coke hehee
Was watching "the persuit of happiness" but the disc stopped working. It seems like it is a sad movie but it might have a happy ending like the title. Oh well...see if I can fall asleep...jeeesuuss up in heaven mother mary annd son....
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With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind? hehee where is my mind??

Sometimes it is fine when you feel a void within you. Try and fill it up or jump in it. haaaaa quote of the day by me.
The good thing is I finished my research paper today..I feel proud and content..Very. Here  is my favorite part:

Realism not long ago was considered by many out-of-date, boring and superficial, today Realism and all its derivatives are about to be rediscovered. Art will experience what B. Eric Rhoads says in his article What’s Old Is What’s New: “Cycles of taste are intrinsic feature of art history, of course: Every hundred years or so, classics are abandoned for something new, but re-emerge a century later” (16). To make this dream come true educational institutions dedicated to the schooling of artists should force their students to develop their technical skills, starting from drawing, having that it is the foundation of a properly executed work of art. Some movements that have presently developed include characters from Realism, one of them is the Pop-surrealism which conveys messages beyond reasonable thinking, but employs traditional mediums and techniques to reach the viewer. A hope for more of them to come is up, a call for a better appreciation of excellence was made, and the only thing that is left to do is be true to the legacy the old masters left and follow their steps towards greatness and achieve beauty.

Thank you for your help and advice Chez..and thanks to Ric who helped a little as well.

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Well my Mother named the dog that way...He welcomes me when I come home always happy to see me. I wondered as I was driving home today...If I seized to exist who would he be so happy to welcome, who would he sleep with, who would torture him by throwing water and rubbing soap on his hairs..I wondered who would let him eat the left over food from dinner sitting on top of the nightstand..I just wondered... who would speak to him in a language he just doesn't understand..I wondered if he would ever learn how to sit or roll over, and how not to piss on my books and not to shit on my mother's rugs..I really just wondered.... I am supposed to be writing a research paper and I am here eating shit talking crap about the dog...Not really, this is a warm-up. HEee heee HEee


The Age of Innocence...

"Newland. You couldn't be happy if it meant being cruel. If we act any other way I'll be making you act against what I love in you most. And I can't go back to that way of thinking. Don't you see? I can't love you unless I give you up."

Quote from the movie that I liked the most, Cannot tell why...I just did. This was one of the best I have seen set in the Victorian Era, although The Portrait of a Lady seems interesting, John Malkovich always plays good characters and so does Nicole Kidman, cannot wait to get my hands on that movie.


Yes, I just realized MTV sucks...Last night I was watching the channel because there was not anything else to see...It is very very sad, no wonder teenagers have crap for brains here. SEX, MONEY, SEX and MONEY..I Mean sex is good, but develop your insight before so you have other things to talk about other than sex and making money. This week it is all spring break on MTV....Jeez it is the stupidest thing I have ever seen..In one of the shows they had a guy's parents set up blind dates for him because they didn't like his girlfriend, or the Super Sweet Sixteen..."Like I feel totally like a celebrity like right now.." The only thing they play is rap and emo music, if they play any...I wonder how MTV was before. I just don't understand...Up Next : My Super Sweet Sixteen!! YAY!!! I so totally love that show...omg.
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