March 14th, 2007


Today I will update this.
I can not drop any more classes. I will make sure next time not to pick an early morning class.
I also finished 2 paintings and a half, one of them is my avatar.
My dog is crying right now because he wants to sit on my lap.
Today I did not go to figure drawing because I could not wake up, I should have gone. I needs to draw more, actually I misses it.
Also today I finished my Word homework at Chez's house, it was a lot of fun because Ric and Juan were there with us. I ate and everything, it was good food the fritas that Chez's mom cooked were delicious.
I forgot to call Emily, I was going to ask her about her day. I did not talk to her in painting because we were...painting.
I painted a picture of Emily this sunday and one of Chez today. I need to improve Em's, I am not satisfied. When I paint at home from live my paintings come out not as good as they should.
I need to finish another commission by friday and i need to start Meza's mural because I only have two weeks to finish it.
The only thing that makes me sad today is that I might not go to New York with some of my friends....I really tried because I wanted us all to go together on last time...We will see what happens.

Yours as may be..
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