March 25th, 2007


Yes, I just realized MTV sucks...Last night I was watching the channel because there was not anything else to see...It is very very sad, no wonder teenagers have crap for brains here. SEX, MONEY, SEX and MONEY..I Mean sex is good, but develop your insight before so you have other things to talk about other than sex and making money. This week it is all spring break on MTV....Jeez it is the stupidest thing I have ever seen..In one of the shows they had a guy's parents set up blind dates for him because they didn't like his girlfriend, or the Super Sweet Sixteen..."Like I feel totally like a celebrity like right now.." The only thing they play is rap and emo music, if they play any...I wonder how MTV was before. I just don't understand...Up Next : My Super Sweet Sixteen!! YAY!!! I so totally love that show...omg.
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