April 4th, 2007


Today was fairly a good day, although I got another letter from the bank saying I need to contact them to pay for the money PayPal stole from my account. My mom had to give me the money because I will not have it anytime soon, and I feel bad because I am 23 years old and I am broke and unemployed. Most 23 year-olds have already graduated and work in really nice places, but me, I have my mom still paying for my shit. Jeez even my brother makes more money than I do. I just do not know how I got here, how the hell did I get to owe so much money? Then of course I received another letter, this time from Sunpass, saying that my credit card was declined, this means I can not use it again. I was sort of expecting that because I need to pay all I owe, or at least some of it which is, like I said, a pretty large number. I also need to pay my other credit card and my classes for the summer term, Miami Dade College only gave me $500 for 12 credits ($1,200)  or more...Haaa haaaa...Exciting!! AAhhhhh but  it is all good because I got all my pieces in the show, I won two first places for work submitted in Miambiance magazine, I finished Meza's huge painting, I also finished my paper for English, Angie from the Visual Resource Center might have a job for me and Ric and I participated in the chalk contest at school for Arts and Letters day and we won first place....Almost by default because no one else participated...But ours was the BEEEESSST anyway. So I will just take it eaassyyy because I do not want anymore gray hairs or a bald spot or be stressed and get a weird rash all over my body. I know it's all goooood and it will be better tomorrow hhaaahhhhaaaa :D
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