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Alright!! Time to update this thing....This past month has been hectic, I went on a trip to Sarasota to check out Ringling. I believe I will be going there next Fall....Which means I have to ponerme las pilas and build a portfolio...see if I can get a scholarship or something.... The work people are doing over there is outstanding. I also visited the Ringling Museum I think I'll spend most of my weekends going over there if I get accepted to the school. The Rubens and Rembrandts were damn awesome....can't think of any other words to describe them. On the way back we passed by The Dali Museum...rather small but with great work. They had some of Velasquez works and other baroque spanish artists exhibited. I need to download some images of Velasquez he is great. I wrote down all the names of all the artists that were good and a security guard at the museum told me to tie my shoe laces...
Other than the trip many things have happened...For the better I might add, amazing things actually. I also got a job and a loan to pay my credit card.
Last night I went to see 28 weeks Later and had dinner at Roadhouse with Nani Chez Juan Emily Waldo and Ric. The movie was OK, I liked the soundtrack...
Today I have to go get a present for my Mom..I forgot Mothers Day was tomorrow...

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